DDoS protected DNS – Definition & Details

The topic for our discussion today is DDoS protected DNS. This is absolutely incredible service. We will see why, what is its purpose, and where you can find it. But first, let’s explain what exactly is a DDoS attack.

What is a DDoS attack?

To easily understand the purpose of the DDoS protected DNS, we should explain what DDoS attacks are. They are a type of cyberattack in which bad actors use a variety of tactics to produce a large amount of traffic directed at a target in order to overload it. When the target can no longer reply to typical queries, it will deny service to newly connected users.

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DDoS protected DNS – Definition

DDoS protected DNS is a service that provides a reliable network with a large number of servers strategically placed throughout the world. This solution will enable your DNS to withstand all types and sizes of DDoS attacks. In addition, it will defend you against several layer attacks (Layer 3, 4, 6, and 7), as well as analyze your traffic and implement automated DDoS mitigation techniques.

What DDoS protected DNS offer?

Depending on the DNS Hosting provider, this service offers different things. However, it includes a lot of benefits for your system. Some of them are as follows:

  • A deep examination of the traffic. It allows you to have a better understanding of traffic patterns and use them for comparison.
  • Software for taking action. You’ll be aware that you’re being attacked thanks to the prior way, but what will you do about it? By routing requests, filtering them, and providing an alarm system, actionable software is typically employed to prevent this.
  • Monitor on all incoming DNS traffic. If it identifies an irregular pattern, it may take various actions to avoid a potential DDoS attack on your website. Because of that, acknowledging the traffic is critical.
  • Load balancing. The massive volume that is heading your way may be too much for a single nameserver, but what about an extensive network of nameservers working together? Yes, you may balance traffic among all of your nameservers. The greater the number of points of presence provided by the service, the better. A wider network of DNS servers has a better chance of surviving an attack.

Are DDoS attacks that dangerous?

DDoS attacks come in a variety of forms and for a variety of reasons. Some attempt to temporarily disable your website or application. Others will keep attacking you and refuse to let you function unless you pay a ransom. Finally, some will attempt to steal data from your servers while the DDoS attack is active. So every single one of us should be worried, yes. But the easiest solution is to implement a DDoS protected DNS service that will essentially protect us from this.

Where can you find DDoS protected DNS?

DDoS protected DNS service can be found most often as a paid service from DNS Hosting companies. Already proven in the market are such as, Project Shield, ClouDNS, AWS Shield, Verisign, and many others.  

Yes, there are many good firms that offer this service. So, make the right decision. But, first, think about your needs and whether you actually need it.

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You now know how dangerous a DDoS attack is for your website or application. However, it is absolutely possible to protect against it. How? By implementing the DDoS protected DNS service.

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